Crimson Rose: Jordan & Esme

The Crimson Rose: Jordan & Esme Series, Book 2

By Scott Kujawa

Jordan and Esme continue to explore their relationship.

Jordan continued to explore her relationship with Esme. She learned more about herself the longer they enjoyed visiting Crimson Rose and shared experiences with each other. Having grown bolder, Jordan asked Esme to increase the ways they sample their desires. Jordan’s involves a mask, being photographed, and submitting to her roommate.

Esme enjoyed the changes to the relationship she had with Jordan. They were still roommates, but they were more. She didn’t expect Jordan to be someone willing to explore her desires when she met her, but Jordan surprised her as they spent time at Crimson Rose and among the women who visited the club. Her interest when Jordan showed what she wanted from her increased the more her roommate showed her courage to learn about herself.

The simple act of receiving the flier to Crimson Rose changed their relationship, and they planned on helping each other explore what they wanted.

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