An Epic Metaphysical Fantasy

The CROSS// Series, Book 1

By Hildred M. Billings

A thousand years of annihilation. Nearly a hundred planets destroyed.

Time to break the cycle.

A destroyer of worlds decides Earth is his next target. Over six billion souls are about to be sacrificed to the Void, the cauldron where all life begins and ends. Unless Earth’s unwitting saviors can finally stop him.

Danielle Cromwell and Devon Anderson once went by different names in different bodies. When they failed to protect their home planet, they entered the Process – the most relentless form of reincarnation there is. Ninety-eight lives later, hope is running out.

If they find the two Relics that host Earth’s soul, the planet might stand a chance. If they remember who they used to be, they can locate the Relics. And if they remember the haunting secrets that keep their spirits dormant, they can remember who they used to be.

Too bad a drifting college grad and a military paper pusher have more urgent concerns than remembering a dead world and dead loves. Devon needs a job. Danielle needs to leave the single life – which means she needs the woman she once loved and lost… and can no longer remember.

And Earth’s gonna need an evacuation order.

CROSS//Rebirth is the first of a five-book contemporary epic fantasy series that features a diverse cast of characters trying to save the whole dang universe –from itself, no less.

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