By S. R. Silcox

Sometimes you have to run away to find what you’re looking for.

**Shortlisted for the 2020 HarperCollins Matilda Children’s Literature Prize**

Maddie’s star is on the rise but even for a teenager, the price of fame and fortune is too much to handle. Her controlling father wants to change the formula that shot her to fame and she can’t let that happen.

In retaliation, she cancels her tour and runs away. Her desperate escape leads her to a girl who could change her life.

Tess looks forward to her family’s annual Crush Festival, but a corrupt Councillor is determined to shut it down. Desperate to save it and maintain her family’s legacy, she’s willing to do anything.

When Tess meets Maddie, the town’s newest arrival, she finds a much-needed distraction and the person who just might hold the key to making this year’s Crush Festival a massive success.

Follow their journey as Maddie and Tess discover so much more about life, love, and laughter in this heartwarmingly sweet YA romance.

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