Cupid’s Wolf

By C. A. Hall

Falling in love is very different when you spend your life pushing others into it.

Usually, when Mary aims her magical arrows at someone, they swoon over the first person they see. So when a close-hearted wolf refuses to budge, Mary puts in everything she’s got.

The wolf’s immune.

That’s what Mary thinks, anyway, until the wolf sets its sights on her.

June’s cynical and way too combative for Mary’s liking. She’s also incredibly cute when she gets her way and is as determined to stay out of love as Mary is to push her into it.

However, the more time they spend together, the faster the walls around June’s heart start to crack.

Perhaps this wolf is capable of love after all.

And Mary’s the one she wants.

Cupid’s Wolf is a lite paranormal sapphic romance between one of Cupid’s highest ranking assistants, a she-wolf who’s too focused on her work for her own good, and a bakery filled with all the delicious treats anyone could ever want.

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