Cursed Hearts

By C. L. Cattano

Two cursed souls fighting to spend a lifetime together.

THE LOVE OF TWO souls has transcended time because a gift was given by a bored demon on All Hallows’ Eve. That gift has now turned into a curse. The souls now trapped in the demons’ game have lived many lives and had many names. Their love has brought them together many times, no matter their relationship status or their gender.

Along with the curse, they are followed through time by a moonstone pendant and a pumpkin seed that are both required to help break the curse. If the souls find each other, they have only one Halloween night to fight the curse or be ripped apart once again.

When the soulmates, the pendant, and a pumpkin grown from the seed are together, the story of their beginning is told and the riddle they must solve is revealed. The souls must join together in fighting the curse so they can finally live a lifetime with each other.

It is time again to fight the demons that have turned a gift into a curse…

This is a new professionally edited version for 2016 that will also be available in print.

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