The Tree of Life

The Daedalus Detectives Series, Book 1

By S.A. Mossman

She could never say no to this case.

Its been a year since Detective Sadie Park took over Daedalus Detective Agency. Stumbling back to the agency after working an all-nighter to close a case, she finds someone waiting at the door. Her former childhood friend and her first love, Kat Everett. Kat’s deadbeat father has gone missing after showing up out of the blue with a mysterious phone call asking for $85 grand and leaving cryptic messages. Sadie gets embroiled in the mystery of Kat’s missing father, a terrorist attack at the city docks, and a bag of drugs the mob is scouring the city for. At the center of all of it is Kat. Will Sadie solve the case and save the day or will the ghost of old love send her marching into trouble with no way out.

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