Dance of the Damned

The Dance of the Damned Series, Book 1

By Eden Hopewell

Their love defies every law, their bond challenges ancient divisions, and their defiant hearts could bring salvation or destruction to both vampire and witch alike.

A Witch and a Vampire.
A Forbidden Instalove.
A trap meant to kill them all.

In the opulent palazzos of 16th Century Venice, an All Hallows Eve masquerade ball hides more than just faces.

Fiona, a cautious witch with a troubled past, finds herself inexplicably drawn to Valeria, a charismatic vampire who yearns for a life less confined by ancient prejudices. As the two navigate the grandeur and subterfuge of the Venetian social scene, they discover they’re not just risking scandal—they’re stepping into a lethal trap set by monster hunters.

Can their unexpected love survive the night’s peril, or will they become the hunters’ latest trophies?

Embark on a journey of forbidden love and supernatural suspense in ‘Dance of the Damned

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