Dangerous Distraction

By Yadira Douglas

Out of the hospital, into her arms; how getting shot was the best thing that happened to Victoria.

Sorry for getting you shot.

As a sniper for the Strategic Response Team, Victoria “Viper” Perry doesn’t get close to people. Not even in her private life. Let down time and again, she has given up on finding the perfect partner, but deep down lies a heart yearning to be understood.

She’s not the only one who keeps others away. Ever since Evelyn’s father died abruptly, she hasn’t been able to connect with people. Distancing herself from serious relationships to avoid another heartbreak, she has all but forgotten what it’s like to love and be loved.

When fate and fleeing gunmen bring the elite cop into lonely Evelyn’s apartment, the two clash in an explosion of pent-up frustrations. Viper lets her guard down for the first time in her career, and she almost pays for it with her life. But in the chaos that follows, the reckless blonde proves to be more than just a dangerous distraction.

Can Victoria finally allow herself to be vulnerable? Or will her indulgence in her deepest desires tear down everything she has fought for?

Dangerous Distraction is a tall tale of two women learning to love again under crazy circumstances. Found families, cute animals, and a happily-ever-after await in this high-speed sapphic romance.

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