Daring Truth

By Adrian J. Smith

Do it again.

Friends-giving dinner with her ex—what could go wrong?

For the first time in two years, Brook attends the annual dinner. She’s avoided group gatherings with her friends since Whisper hinted at love and Brook broke it off. But two years is a long time, and Brook hopes she and Whisper can find a new balance of friendship. Except all those feelings Brook bottled come racing back at the first sight of her hilariously flirtatious ex-girlfriend.

Whisper has kept tabs on Brook for the two years since they last saw each other. When Brook finally shows up, Whisper takes the plunge and dares her to twenty-four hours alone—one day for each of them to take what they need. The only problem is at the end of their day, Brook gives Whisper a dare of her own.

Do it again.

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