Dark Justice: Buried Secrets

The Dark Justice Series, Book 3

By Erin Wade

Alone, without Court, Sage had experienced fear many times, but debilitating terror was new to her.

#1 Bestselling Lesbian author Erin Wade takes her reader on a rollercoaster ride in this third book of the “Dark Justice” series.

Dr. Renee Phillips is convinced that Cleopatra, the last of Egypt’s Pharaohs was spirited away from Egypt and sailed to the Americas. She has evidence that her remains may be buried deep in an uncharted area of the Amazon Jungle. With tremendous conviction and knowledge, she convinces Sage and Court Southerland to document her exploration into the dangerous unknown. The two explorers pack up Jake and Kinga and fly to the airport closest to the jungle, then set out on a boat to reach Renee’s location. As the team of archeologists begin to unearth a long-buried Mayan kingdom, strange things begin to happen to those involved. Court’s cameras pick up faint figures that can only be from the past, but there is no such thing as ghosts. Excitement, suspense, twists, and turns make this a book you will not want to put down.

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