Daughter of the Light

The Shadow Makers Series, Book 1

By Silvia Shaw

When an ancient enemy appears, Rand needs a heroine.

An ancient Magical House rises. Old enemies are unleashed.

The Oracle’s prediction has come to pass. A year after the Crevlin war, Rand is faced with a new threat, one which will rock its very foundations.

Given away by her father as a postulant to the Order of the Sacred Fame, Bree has been in their Abbey for ten years. But no piety exists within the cloistered walls, only hate and suffering.

Savannah, wearer of the Sacred medallion and now a Mind Walker, is forced to land at the tavern near the Abbey. Sensing Bree’s magic, she helps her escape from the Order.

Broken by ten years of abuse, Bree flees to Peridon, capital of the Flagspur Islands, ruled by Yaslin, a forceful Queen who won’t bend her knee to the Imperial throne. There, Bree must face her inner demons and learn how to wield her new-found powers. A power that only she possesses. The power of the light.

And she needs to hurry, or Rand will fall.

Book One of the Two Book series: Shadow Makers.

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