Daydreams of You

By Carol Wyatt

When 29-year-old Heather agrees to spend a weekend posing as her best friend Megan's girlfriend, she anticipates a light-hearted escape from the relentless pace of New York City.

However, the quaint Pennsylvania countryside holds a startling revelation: Megan’s aunt is the captivating 47-year-old Vanessa, the same woman with whom Heather shared an unforgettable night at a city bar.

Engulfed in the festivities of a family vow renewal, Heather is propelled into the role of Megan’s loving partner. Simultaneously, her genuine attraction to Vanessa grows, making each moment an intricate dance of stolen glances and suppressed desires. The age gap between them only heightens the tension, as they navigate the blurred lines of their unexpected reunion.

As Heather finds herself more entangled in the deception, her struggle to maintain loyalty to Megan intensifies her internal conflict. Torn between her burgeoning feelings for Vanessa and her commitment to her friend, Heather faces the challenge of balancing truth and desire.

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