Dead Tide

By Jane Marks

Beachgoers are being killed in the seaside tourist town of Cape August right before the kickoff of the summer season. But instead of a shark being the cause for terror, it’s a serial killer.

Business owners are on edge when the fate of their livelihoods (and lives!) lies in the hands of an outsider: a young, strikingly beautiful but cold woman named Roslyn Hunt. Leading her FBI team, Hunt must navigate the complexities of the tight-knit community while forced to keep a secret of her own.

With the Cape August residents unwilling to open up to a stranger, Hunt is forced to accept help from a former local – a journalist named Elle Wolfe. Wolfe is awkward, talkative, warm, and annoyingly positive. Everything Hunt is not. Pushed together, can this unlikely pair survive each other and find the killer?

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