By Stella Grey

Life is like a cup of coffee: it's all about how you make it.

Arty’s life is perfect. Honestly. Well, maybe slightly less than perfect when it comes to romance. For too long, she has hidden behind her career, but then a chance meeting with Lil forces her to confront what she’s been too cowardly to admit. Taking Lil’s advice, she walks away from the job she hates and ends up working in her new friend’s coffee shop.

As she gets drawn into a life full of vibrant people, she realizes just how much she has been missing, but her new found happiness is soon thrown into turmoil when one of them is brutally murdered. Feeling a desperate need to get justice, Arty begins her own investigation into her death, an action that keeps bringing her into contact with Detective Ellen Morris. Arty’s search for the killer brings with it a considerable amount of danger, both to her life and her heart.

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