Demon Hunter Ashlyn: Sexy Demon Hunter Bundle

Books 1-3

The Sexy Demon Hunter Box Set, Book 1

By Riley Rose

How kinky and submissive will Ashlyn get with a sensual succubus and sexy sorceress?

Ashlyn Summersnow is the sexiest Demon Hunter in the five lands. She’s an expert at getting rid of monsters, demons, and any other kind of supernatural baddie. She’s also an expert at losing her clothes and having steamy sex.

Find out if Ashlyn can fight her illicit desires as she romps in the hay with a hunky farmhand, lets a sexy succubus do naughty things with her tail, and submits to the magical control of a powerful sorceress in this fun, fantasy adventure erotica series!

This collection contains Books 1-3 of the Sexy Demon Hunter Series:
Book 1 – Demon Hunter Ashlyn: Farmhand Desire
Book 2 – Demon Hunter Ashlyn: Succubus Seduction
Book 3 – Demon Hunter Ashlyn: Sorceress Seduction

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