Demon Hunter Ashlyn: Succubus Seduction

The Sexy Demon Hunter Series, Book 2

By Riley Rose

Will Ashlyn capture a sensual succubus or submit to her sexual wiles?

Ashlyn, Demon Hunter extraordinaire, is on the trail of Thalia, a sneaky succubus who’s having sex with everyone in town. Ashlyn’s job is to get rid of Thalia. The only problem is Thalia is the most beautiful, sexual creature Ashlyn has ever seen.

Will Ashlyn be able to fight her lust for Thalia or will her desire for the sexy succubus be too much for her? And what exactly can Thalia do with that sexy tail of hers anyway? Find out if Ashlyn will be seduced by the sexiest succubus ever!

A Fantasy Adventure Erotica with a sexy bisexual Half-Elf protagonist and featuring lesbian sex, lesbian bondage, succubus sex, interracial sex, BDSM, and futanari!

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