Destiny’s Women

A Collection of Sapphic Stories

By Morgan Elliot

Love's uncharted Path where fate and heartbeats align

Destiny’s Women is a multi-genre compilation of seven sapphic short stories that will remind you that choices we make are the ultimate force in shaping our destinies, and the actions we take can lead us to the most unexpected outcomes. In this remarkable collection, you’ll be drawn into the lives of women whose choices outline the course of their lives and lead them on unforgettable journeys as they navigate the complexities and consequences of their decisions, redefining what it means to be true to oneself.

Each story is a miniature universe unto itself, offering a unique narrative experience from tales of adventure, paranormal mystery, science fiction, fantasy, and romance. Whether you seek thrilling escapades or profound insights, these stories have something to offer for a wide-range of literary tastes.

Discover how the women of Destiny’s Women are bound by a common thread… their unwavering pursuit of personal growth and self-discovery.

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