Do It for the Fame

The Lady Lotharios Series, Book 4

By Kayla LaSalle

Can a relationship founded on deception ever grow into more?

Lexi thought fake relationships were only something that happened on TV. That all changed when she ran into a desperate rock star…

Lexi Ashford prides herself on being drama-free. She’s built a reputation for being a talented hair and makeup artist, and she’s finally getting the kinds of gigs she always dreamed of. But when she’s hired to work at a one-night-only performance, she finds herself in over her head. Somehow she gets roped into pretending to be gorgeous rock star Daya West’s new girlfriend, and now the rest of the world thinks they’re in love. What’s a girl to do?

Daya West is just getting over a miserable breakup. Turns out that being a rock star isn’t enough to save a doomed relationship, and she’s still trying to piece her broken heart back together. Convincing the makeup artist at her show to be her fake girlfriend was supposed to be a one-night deal to get her ex off her back, but with the media watching their every move, they’re stuck maintaining the illusion.

What starts out as an act slowly becomes something more, leaving both women confused about where the lies end and the truth begins.

Can a relationship founded on deception ever grow into more? Or will the truth destroy any hope they have of finding love?

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