Dominance of the Heart

By Char Dafoe

The dance between Dominance and submission and not just between the sheets.

Italian immigrant, Carmen Astrella, has lived half her life in her adopted Canadian country, alone. Running her successful rehabilitation centre for dogs and having her faithful Doberman companion, Lupo, by her side, the unfathomable thought of a loving, committed relationship with someone was a foreign idea to Carmen. At the age of 45 and a dominant in the kinkier side of sex, contractual relationships were all Carmen ever needed to fulfill her desires. That feeling implodes after Carmen’s submissive of one year abruptly leaves her, leaving Carmen to reassess her life, asking herself where her heart truly lies and what it wants.

Sweet, submissive Cassandra Harte has been living her life on autopilot. Always following the rules with a polite smile. At the age of 40, Cass assumes she knows what she wants – a mellow life with someone safe to come home to. When her world gets rocked after discovering her girlfriend’s adultery, Cass suddenly questions her calm and quiet life. Rocketing from neutral to top speed, Cass’s existence flips upside down and she seeks out something to take the edge off. Carmen Astrella, the fiery Italian dominant is just the elixir for the sweet submissive.

Come follow two very different women as they sort through their lives that were once thought to be concrete, and into the arms and beds of others before realizing they were meant to be together all along.

A light BDSM erotica with twists and turns that reaches deep into the psyche’s minds when it comes to powerplay of dominance and sex that inevitably succumbs to the power of love.

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