Don’t Circle Or

The Trimble Triplets Trilogy

By Kellan McKnight

Can the echoes of true love mend what time has torn apart?

In a love story interrupted by tragedy, Morgan Trimble and Drew Hunter-Davidson once shared a passionate connection. But fifteen years ago, a life-altering event shattered their hopes for what-could-have-been and sent shockwaves through the Trimble family.

Morgan, once destined for a bright future, now finds herself trapped in a cycle of guilt and self-destruction, haunted by the past. Drew, too, struggles to find meaning in a loveless marriage, merely existing for the sake of her son and the family surrounding her.

When Morgan bravely decides she’s ready to come home, everything hangs in the balance. Will the old flames still burn between them after all this time? Can Drew summon the courage to break free from her loveless marriage and pursue her true desires? And will Morgan find the strength to forgive herself?

In the first installment of the Trimble Triplets Trilogy, time is both adversary and ally. Through glimpses into the past, Drew and Morgan’s journey unfolds, revealing the power of healing and the hope for a future where love can truly conquer all.

As Drew and Morgan confront the ghosts of their shared history, they must summon newfound courage to confront the truths they’ve long avoided. Can a series of heartfelt letters bridge the chasm between past regrets and present longing? For a second chance at love, time must first heal all wounds. Amidst the echoes of past mistakes, they can only hope that this time, love will finally come full circle.

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