Don’t Stop Me

Club Pétale, Book 1

By Eden Emory

She was everything I ever wanted.

She was everything I ever wanted.

Smart. Beautiful. Passionate.

I became obsessed with her, or at least who I thought she was.

And then, she showed me her true colors, by showing up on my doorstep as my son’s girlfriend.

She was off-limits.

But I couldn’t deny the part of me still wanted her and by the look in her eyes…

Neither could she.

Note: this is a dark romance with many dark themes and an unconventional pairing. Please look at the trigger warnings on the authors’ website before continuing. The people in this book are full of flaws and are not good people, do not come into this book looking for a typical hero because you will not find one.

Don’t Stop Me is a contemporary standalone in an interconnected series surrounding an adult club.

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