Dorm Damnation

The Midnight Life Series , Book 1

By Aria Storm

Seer college student blackmailed into exile by her brother for being gay. She struggles to survive and meets a beautiful vampiress.

Sex, Betrayal, Revolution. The beginning of a great legecy!

Kaylee is the nineteen-year-old daughter of a powerful ruling family of Immortals. She’s the only child who manifest the stigma of the “seer” ability. She’s survived assassination plots and is about to be named her father’s heir, despite being a female child.

Her eldest brother comes to her and threatens to expose her secret. Kaylee is a closeted lesbian and in the immortal community of Atlanta her sexuality is not acceptable as an heiress.

Kaylee was facing a loveless engagement and marriage, now she’s thrown into the streets penniless. She is left to survive the cruel immortal world alone in disgrace while exposed to the less beautiful immortal reality outside the protection of her gilded cage.

Can she survive, and can she find a way to step out of the closet and find real love?

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