Dream Lover

By Lyn Denison

Was it simply that Alex was all that Jo wasn’t that drew Jo to her?

Jo Creighton’s life was in tatters. All she had to show for the last 10 years was a failed marriage and trampled self-esteem. She’d been a naive fool who believed in fairy tales and true love.

Gathering the last remnants of her resolve, Jo decides to make a clean break, get away, and find the person she used to be. So she takes leave from work and escapes to the mountains where she’s sure the clean, fresh air will clear the negativity, the fuzzy cobwebs from her mind. She would regain her emotional strength, reacquaint herself with the Jo she used to be, and find a new path for her life. Maybe then her recurring dreams would cease, or at least she might see them through to the end, discover whatever it was she sought but never quite found.

A chance meeting with one of the most self-assured women Jo had ever met gave her new courage. Alex Farmer was all that Jo wasn’t, and as their friendship grew, Jo found new strength in herself. And so much more. But was she strong enough to choose such a radical new direction?

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