Dreaming It To Be

The Lake Love Series, Book 1

By Lauren Hart

It’s true what they say… when you least expect it…

When Nickie packs her bags for a rejuvenating weekend away at her best friend’s lake house, she never dreams of seeing her actress crush, Kate Bellina, vacationing nearby. Nickie’s outgoing friend, Naomi, refuses to pass up the opportunity to say hello to the actress. Although Kate is not happy to see the fans show up on her dock, her anger response is quickly subdued by her interest in the Cinderella blonde with her demure responses.

A grueling hike into the hidden natural spring pools has Nickie swirling in her feelings as she watches the actress toss her clothes aside to reveal her perfectly sculpted curves. Can Nickie over-come her battered self-confidence to realize she deserves the woman of her dreams?

The lake life weekend filled with boat rides and bonfires seems so natural and yet it is far from the reality of their everyday lives in the city. Nickie questions whether her ordinary life can meld with the perceived lifestyle of the famous actress. Is Nickie just a weekend fling for the sexy actress to have her fun with, only to be discarded and forgotten about once they go back to the city?

For reasons out of their control, a serendipitous weekend filled with adventure and passion comes to an abrupt halt. Nickie believes Kate’s promises to call… but is that fateful call what makes them… or breaks them?

Can this age-gap romance between actress and physical therapist survive life’s hurdles and end in a HEA?

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