Dreams Found

By Lyn Denison

If she tells this beautiful woman the truth she’d be breaking the promise she made to her birth mother.

Riley James couldn’t have loved her adoptive parents more if she had been their biological
daughter. They had never hidden the fact that she was adopted and as she grew older so too grew her curiosity about the parents who gave her life.

So with the blessing of her mother and father and dire warnings from her friend, Lisa, Riley sets out on a journey of discovery and travels south to Brisbane to find her birth mother. Maggie is thrilled to meet Riley but her husband is overseas on business and she wants to tell him about Riley first, before telling the rest of her family.

Then Riley meets Maggie’s beautiful stepdaughter, Jayne, and falls desperately in love with her. How can she tell Jayne about her true feelings without also telling her about her connection to Maggie, and thus breaking her promise to her birth mother.

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