By Susanne M. Beck and T. Novan

Cat was not expecting to fall in love and be selected as the new Point Guard for the Birmingham Badgers but that leads to unexpected unwanted attention.

When the legendary Pallas Dylan Lambert (aka The Goddess) selects Catherine “Cat” Hodges as the new Point Guard in the revamped Basketball team, the Birmingham Badgers, Cat is overjoyed. She can’t wait to become part of a team that will fulfill one of her lifelong dreams. What Cat was not anticipating was falling in love with The Goddess…

Pallas Dylan Lambert, aka the Goddess, is a legend in women’s basketball. Dylan was forced to retire due to a career-ending injury. She’s now the coach of the Birmingham Badgers, a modest team that she plans to take to the top of the league. She recruits Catherine Hodges, a short but extremely talented player in the coveted position of Point Guard, to be the star of her team.

Against all the odds –Dylan’s popularity and lack of privacy, the sleazy owner of the Badgers, homophobia, and the pressures of the game itself, among others, Dylan and Cat fall in love.

Can their love withstand the stresses that come their way?

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