Earth Y4K: Titan’s Forge

A Brokenhearted Lesbian Action-Adventure Space Opera

The Earth Y4K Series, Book 2

By L. Fergus

To save her daughter and the galaxy, Kita must overcome her broken heart.

Kita, the God of Evil, is running out of time. She must unite the galaxy against Aven’s oppressive domination to free her daughter from the deadly Aven slave mines. Kita’s task is made harder by a broken body and her partner cheating—no one throws a brokenhearted tantrum like the God of Evil.

Kita hates people who compound stupid mistakes with more. Currently, that person is Blu, the leader of Aurori. It should be a perfect match—Blu has thousands of mech pilots, and Kita has thousands of mechs. But Blu considers Kita a crippled obsolete cyborg running amuck who’s gotten lucky. Even Kita’s Angel Apocalypse can’t persuade Blu Kita’s a deity. When the Aven fleet arrives at Aurori, Blu’s stubbornness won’t stop Kita. Once the battle commences, Kita faces the devil’s choice: save the fleet or the Aurorians.

After escaping, Kita knows the enemy will discover her fleet’s remnants. Kita’s only hope is an ancient space forge in an unknown galaxy capable of replacing her fleet. But they must survive a perilous wormhole jump on a black hole’s event horizon.

When Kita wakes alone in a derelict ship, she can see the forge. She must traverse the edge of oblivion to get there, and removing the lethal alien hive infestation is a suicidal gambit. To the God of Evil, there is no other way than forward. Failure risks a permadeath like Kita’s friend or reincarnation as something much stranger…

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