Elmwood Inclusive Magic Academy

The Covens and Clans Series, Book 1

By Remi Lebeau

A witch, a wolf, and a magic academy full of secrets...

Maggie Hall just wants to go to a normal college with her normal boyfriend. So when her three witch mothers force her to attend a new, inclusive magic academy before they’ll pay her tuition, she’s determined to get through the year without any trouble.

But not everyone is happy about an inclusive magic academy, and strange things keep happening. The other witches play pranks on her, the shifter packs are at each other’s throats, red-eyed demons follow her around, and her beautiful wolf shifter roommate is very distracting.

Rae Arundel is also trying to lay low. After her pack was exiled and their alpha imprisoned, it’s a dangerous time to be a wolf shifter. Then she discovers that her fated mate is the daughter of one of the witches who exiled her pack, who doesn’t understand her world or take it seriously.

Neither of them realize that there’s an even greater threat to the academy…and a secret that will change their lives.

Fans of exciting magical worlds will devour this fun, fast-paced story about love and finding a place to belong. This book can be read as a standalone, or as book one of the Covens and Clans series.

Note: this book is intended for mature audiences and includes some sexual content and adult themes.

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