Elyon’s Vengeance

The Daughters of Elyon Series, Book 3

By Alison Naomi Holt

A testament to the power of sisterhood and determination in an unforgiving realm

In “Elyon’s Vengeance,” the highly anticipated third installment of the captivating sapphic fantasy series, the Daughters of Elyon, immerse yourself in an enthralling world where strong female protagonists and warrior women rise to protect the lives of women within the Cibían Empire.

Following the thrilling events of “Elyon’s Blades” and “Elyon’s Ghost,” this spellbinding tale continues to weave together epic battles, intricate politics, and intimate relationships. As alliances shift and tensions escalate, readers will be drawn into a gripping narrative that explores the depths of loyalty, sacrifice, and revenge.

At the heart of this mesmerizing journey are unforgettable characters who embody strength and resilience. The Arch Priestess, Sábria, leads with unwavering determination while her second-in-command, Commander Shirin, navigates through treacherous waters with her strategic mind. Trainee shivs Ailith and Emlyn add their own unique voices to a chorus of powerful women who refuse to be silenced.

Experience a world where sword-wielding heroines stand tall against adversity in this thrilling installment that seamlessly blends sapphic romance and action. Fans of sapphic fiction and fantastical adventures alike will find themselves utterly enthralled by “Elyon’s Vengeance,” a testament to the power of sisterhood and determination in an unforgiving realm.

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