The Surrender / Limelight Crossover Series, Book 2

By Raven J. Spencer

Emmy faces her biggest challenge, but she is not alone.

Emmy Whittaker is loved by many, but after a traumatic experience she struggles to regain her purpose…

One incident changes multiple lives forever. During the tour that should have been the crowning success on the heels of another hit album, Emmy and her band are involved in a crash, caused by a man who hates the outspoken performer.

Emmy’s recovery proves to be difficult, even when Andrea is determined to love her through it. She’s not the only one who remains steadfast by Emmy’s side. Bit by bit, Emmy and her friends rebuild their lives, while Andrea gets an intriguing offer from one Carter Forbes.

A paradigm shift is in the making…

This book concludes the Surrender/Limelight crossover as well as both series.

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