Enemy at the Gate

The Women of the Resistance Series, Book 1

By Mary D. Brooks

With courage and a crossbow, can the young rebel exact revenge and help free her country before she’s swallowed up by vicious tyranny?

Zoe Lambros has the heart of a lion in this gripping World War 2 story, inspired by true events, in war ravaged Greece under Italian and German occupation. An enthralling story of survival, stirring characters, thrilling surprises, and heartrending journeys. Zoe’s battle for freedom has just begun.

It’s 1941 in Larissa, Greece. A devastating earthquake shatters Larissa and Zoe races to help her family who are trapped under the rubble. An Italian aerial bombardment brings unimaginable devastation to a shattered people compounding the misery and a loss so great that Zoe vows revenge. The Lambros family are no strangers to heartache; Zoe’s brothers have died fighting against the Italians in the Albanian mountains and now their fears of a German invasion come true.

Zoe is determined to join in the fight for freedom but first she has to find the Resistance and join them in order to achieve her goal.

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