Esper and the Witch

By Issy Waldrom

A chance encounter leads to changes, love, and even more questions.

The world is a dark and terrifying place, even when it is filled with beauty and wonder.

At least it seems that way to Alex. Life was simple once, where you could just glide along on its currents, make do and have a sliver of contentment. But now he’s being plagued by a recurring dream, and forced to confront things he’s been avoiding. And that’s ignoring all of the changes.

And Esper, well Esper really has no clue at all about what is going on around her. But she’s not going to take the blame for that. An unfamiliar location, strange blue messages, and to top it all, apparently she has just awoken.

A trans and litrpg story of coming to terms with one’s self, friendship, and discovering what’s around you, with a backdrop of the modern world and hidden magic.

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