By Claire Highton-Stevenson

Passion let loose, Euphoria found.

When Alexandra Montgomery took on the persona of Sasha, she had no idea where her life would lead.

Wanting to rebel against her feisty mother, she joined a pop band, Solar Flare, and found a foothold on the ladder to fame and fortune. That was until tragedy hit and the band was involved in a horrific crash.

Despite being ‘the lucky one,’ she still lives with the guilt of surviving and the ensuing panic attacks, Sasha turns once again to music and builds a new career. One her mother is a little more approving of, one she was born to do.

Now, in her forties, Sasha is a well-known and celebrated classical pianist about to embark on a tour of UK cathedrals,

However, those panic attacks are worse than ever, leading to a visit to the local hospital where Alex meets Dr Morgan Kelly.

A very attractive, much younger, calming influence.

There’s an instant attraction.

Offered the opportunity to tour with Sasha and help with any impending anxiety, Morgan Kelly doesn’t hesitate to say yes.

She’s exhausted and already on the verge of burnout, a few weeks lounging in fancy hotels is just what the doctor ordered…until Alex’s P.A. Francine orchestrates a fake Girlfriend scenario to keep the anxiety issues out of the papers.

Forced to share a hotel suite for the entire tour would be fine, if neither of them was attracted to the other, and Alex didn’t come off stage filled with an adrenaline-led Euphoria that only wants one thing: to be released!

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