The Guide to Becoming a Pirate Queen Series, Book 1

By Jayde Russell

Sometimes demon summonings go wrong, and that’s not always a bad thing...

Bryce Virra was a corporate executive in charge of the New Eden mining colony. But when a group of terrorists learn about her illegal weapons research, they decide to put a stop to it by sacrificing her to a demon. It doesn’t go well.

Now, with her captors dead and her secret out, Bryce can no longer rely on the corporation that was protecting her from a dark past. She’ll need to find a ship, form a crew, and learn to navigate the galaxy’s criminal underworld in order to survive.

But first she needs to negotiate a deal with the devil who was summoned to kill her. A deal that could change both of their lives forever.

Content warning: strong profanity, violence, dark themes, kidnapping, torture, alcohol and drug use, implied sexual situations, heavy-handed trauma, mild piracy, poorly executed demon summoning, a rushed sapphic relationship, bad puns, really bad sex puns, dragon crime lords, werewolf gangsters, blatant spoiling of a fictional romance novel, and over representation/normalization of gay and/or queer characters

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