The Kanyon & Daylen Series, Book 2

By K.B. Draper

All desires come at a cost and Daylen's price might be losing Kanyon forever.

Seriously, is an employee handbook too much to ask for when you’re responsible for saving people from sin-infused articles created by the supernatural bad? Guardian, Kanyon McKane and Seeker, Daylen Elliott don’t think so. Instead, the former television stars turned real-life heroes are learning on the fly when it comes to figuring out their new powers and the depth of their fated partnership.
Kanyon, a successful and sexy Hollywood action hero, can handle herself on screen and off, whether it’s via fist or delivering the perfect wisecrack at the most inappropriate time. But when it comes to her new role as Guardian and its supernatural perks, she’s more of a fireworks punk than flame-throwing badass.

Like all the Seekers in her bloodline, Daylen can see emotions and sense intentions. That little talent is quite handy when your inherited job requires you to track down artifacts that compel people to think and do evil things. Unfortunately what her gift doesn’t assist with is the deliciously wicked thoughts that Kanyon stirs up in her head.

Though Kanyon is the one fated to protect, it’s Daylen who appoints herself to the role. In a race to find an inkwell and pen that can make its authors’ desires reality, it’s Daylen’s desire to keep Kanyon safe that just might come true. But, all desires come at a cost and Daylen’s price might be losing Kanyon forever.

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