Falling All In

By Laina Villeneuve

A single mom does her best to resist her newly hired pool technician, but how can she when even her wily five-year old can see they belong together?

Podcaster Sarah Cooper is used to giving others advice but when her own relationship crumbles, she’s left floundering. Determined to heal she decides to turn her all her love and focus to her daughter, not on reentering the dating pool. But Sarah’s resolve is tested when her swimming pool turns green and requires the attention of tempting new pool technician.

Jasmine Dias knows the importance of family, especially found family. She’s far too committed to carrying a baby for her best friend to consider a relationship, even if it means ignoring how her favorite podcaster seems to be flirting with her.

Both Sarah and Jasmine believe they can dip just a toe into the dating pool—can they stop before they fall all the way into each other?

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