Falling For Her CEO

By Hannah Key

Can blurred lines during office hours lead to an after-hours happily ever after?

Falling in love with your boss isn’t just unprofessional, it’s asking for trouble.

But when your boss is Lila Carson—a beautiful, older, people pleasing, whip smart CEO—you don’t have much of a choice.

For five years, I played the role of the perfect executive assistant. I arranged meetings and accompanied her to events. I smiled gracefully as I handed over bouquets and cards from admirers as her star in the business world rose.

It killed me, but being by Lila’s side was worth it.

When she started dating a spoiled heiress, I could no longer suppress my feelings.

I quit.

On my first morning at my grandparents’ small-town cabin, a luxury car pulls up the short driveway and delivers the object of my affection.

Lila wants to spend the week with me.

From the passionate look in her eyes, it’s clear that my feelings aren’t one sided, and haven’t been for a while…

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