Falls From Grace

The Grace Notes Series, Book 1

By Ruby Landers

Love, loss, heartbreak: it’s every great song ever.

Savannah Grace is a huge star in Nashville. At least, she was. Her hit band Twice Struck topped the country music charts for almost a decade until her high profile marriage to her bandmate and co-writer publicly exploded. Now she’s fading from the spotlight and her own life and just trying to keep her head above water.

Brynn Marshall is a little lost. Dropping out of med school made her the black sheep of the family and now she’s floating around LA trying to find a sense of purpose. When she falls down on her luck, her best friend – indie musician Noah Lyman – refuses to let her wallow. After all, he’s just got his big break: co-writing with a megastar!

When Savannah enlists Noah to help her break out of country music and make a name for herself for once and for all, what better way to do it than to spend the Winter in her secluded vacation home in the woods of Vermont? And what better way for Noah to help out a friend than to pretend he’s bringing along his wife?

After all, what could possibly go wrong?

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