Fast Love

The Fast Love Series, Book 1

By Kerry Lockhart

A spunky novelist and a charming motorsports driver fall for one another during a chaotic wedding weekend.

Escaping her writer’s block and crumbling engagement, historical romance novelist Julia Shaw heads to Los Angeles as maid-of-honor in her sister’s hasty wedding. Her brief flirtation with a charismatic stock car driver, Bobbi Yoshida-Barnes, at the airport bar, promises to be the highlight of her trip.

But the irresistibly charming Bobbi is the best woman at the same wedding. The two are firing on all cylinders until they disagree on the wisdom of their siblings’ plans to marry. While Julia plots to derail the ceremony, Bobbi needs the wedding to go off without a hitch or lose her race car sponsorship.

In a race against Bobbi’s career demands and Julia’s agent threatening to destroy her, can love cross the finish line first?

Fast Love is the first book in the Fast Love queer romantic comedy series. Kerry Lockhart’s delightful debut has sparkly female characters, an adorable floppy-haired dog, a big romantic gesture—and drag queen sumo wrestlers thrown in for good measure. Get your motor running for this hilarious tale of love at first banter.

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