Finding Jenna

By M. E. Tudor

The truth is closer than you think.

Eighteen-year-old Jenna Matthews finds the dead body of a young woman in her father’s freezer. She knows she can’t trust the local authorities because her father is a sheriff’s deputy and friends with lots of local cops. The FBI seems the only reasonable choice. Jenna doesn’t know that the FBI is already watching her father and her discovery could be the key to an ongoing investigation.

Before the FBI can get someone to the Matthews house, Jenna’s father, Michael comes home after he suspects that Jenna knows about the body and beats her until she’s unconscious. William Defoe, the FBI agent, sent to check out the body, and who is also undercover as Matthew’s partner, stops Matthews from killing Jenna by knocking him out and taking Jenna out of the house.

Jenna decides she wants to go into the witness protection program as a man. She has always felt like she was meant to be a man, but her father would never allow her to explore that part of her personality.

Two years after Jenna becomes Elliot Cross, and has been living as a man, the FBI come to him and ask him to help them bring down the Cobra Cartel, the human trafficking ring Michael Matthews has been working for, and who they think is responsible for the dead girl Elliot saw in his father’s freezer so long ago.

Elliot agrees, but things get complicated when his former girlfriend, Cara starts working at the restaurant where he’s the chef. Elliot can’t tell Cara who he is, even though he’s dying to tell her the truth.

Things become even more intense when Michael Matthews shows up at the restaurant with the intention of kidnapping and killing Cara. Elliot will have to expose who he really is in order to save Cara’s life.

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