The Daughter of Nature Series, Book 1

By L. C. Mawson

It only takes one night for the world to turn on its head...

Finishing my second degree was supposed to be a quiet time of wrapping up my academic work and maybe making a friend or two before everyone left town. That was before the monsters started attacking.

I’ve always ignored the strange occurrences that tend to happen around me, but now these creatures are hunting me, everything I touch is erupting into flame, and all I’ve got to help is a guy I barely know, his reclusive sister, an invitation to train with a secretive magical faction, and a strange necklace that apparently belongs to the magical world’s most wanted…

I’m not used to trusting anyone, but as monsters close in, I don’t think I have a choice.

If you love kick-ass heroines and magical adventures, you’ll love FIRE, the first book in L.C. Mawson’s new F/F urban fantasy series, Daughter of Nature.

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