First Comes Marriage

By Shannon M. Harris

Falling in love with a ray of sunshine was not on Brynn’s to do list, and no matter how convincing Micah is, she plans to keep it that way.

Take one CEO, one pink-haired alien, a secret marriage, vengeful aliens, unexplained deaths, and a bitter sister out for revenge, and two women’s lives will never be the same.

As CEO of MartinTech, Brynn Martin is at the top of her professional game. Her personal life is another matter, but she’s not in a hurry to break her single status. All that changes on a Tuesday morning when a bombshell is dropped.

At sixteen, Micah Legon fled her abusive family and home world of Vubloxia. Now, at twenty-nine, she’s content and settled in her life, running a cleanup business with her siblings. Then one morning, she gets a phone call that changes everything.

A chance encounter six years ago in Las Vegas at a “Meet an Alien” convention comes back to haunt both women. While Micah remembers the day with fondness, Brynn remembers nothing. After meeting again, both women come to an agreement. However, nothing is ever that simple.

Micah makes it her mission to break through Brynn’s tough exterior. Brynn makes it her mission to keep Micah at arm’s length. Nothing will stop either woman from getting what she wants. The trouble is convincing the other that her plan is the right one.

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