For Love and Liberty

By Eden Hopewell

Worker's rights brought them together, will it also be what tears them apart?

Two women, two worlds, one forbidden love that will change everything.

Abigail Caldwell lives a life of wealth and privilege as the heiress to the prosperous Caldwell textile mills. But behind the façade of glamour lurks an emptiness that money can’t fill. Yearning for purpose, Abigail finds herself questioning the societal norms she’s expected to uphold.

Sarah Moore resides at the opposite end of the social spectrum, her days consumed by grueling labor at the Caldwell mills. Fighting oppression has hardened her, yet beneath her rough exterior beats a heart brimming with compassion and love.

When a near-disaster at the mill thrusts Abigail and Sarah together, sparks fly between the unlikely pair. Abigail is captivated by Sarah’s courage and conviction, while Sarah is drawn to Abigail’s intellect and empathy.

As industrial unrest spreads, Abigail and Sarah find themselves at the forefront of the fight for workers’ rights. Guiding a fragile alliance between the classes, their love becomes a beacon of light in the looming darkness.

Yet powerful forces scheme against them, poised to extinguish their hopes. Will the strength of their bond withstand the storms ahead?

From moonlit confessions to clandestine meetings, this gripping historical romance debut by Eden Hopewell celebrates the enduring power of defiant love in the face of brutal oppression. Lose yourself in a world that will captivate your imagination and stir your spirit.

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