For the Love of Life

The Botshelo Series, Book 1

By Sue Graham

In the midst of a battle against wildlife poaching, conservationist Danielle didn't need the added complexity of falling for a guest at the safari lodge, or did her life depend on it?

Danielle Van Rijk has the life of which she has always dreamed. Using her hi-tech skills to study wildlife in a private game reserve, she is drawn into the war against poaching. Obsessed and driven, she is on the brink of achieving success when a deadly escalation in poaching and heart-wrenching losses bring about a crisis in confidence. Danny has no idea how her hi-tech protective system development is about to jeopardize her life.

Carmen Franks is at a loss, standing at a crossroads in her life. Until recently, she was a highly successful businesswoman at the helm of the business she built from nothing. Having lost her passion and purpose, Carmen seeks a retreat to give herself time to gather her energy and find a path forward.

Africa seems about as far away from her aimless life as Carmen can get, and Botshelo Lodge attracts her with the promise of providing what she needs to set a new course for herself. She finds more than she bargains for in this fascinating yet contradictory place. As she becomes embroiled in the danger that lurks beneath the idyllic surface, she’s falling in love, but is it with the glorious beauty of the African bush or with the elusive, enigmatic woman at the centre of a vicious conflict?

The African bush, a tapestry of life so bountiful and rich, is disappearing before our eyes. As the threat begins to spiral out of control, the protection of this vestige of Eden falls to these two brave women as they fight for life and learn to love.

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