Forbidden Tentacles

The Tantalizing Tentacles Series, Book 3

By Riley Rose

Kione and her tentacle creature lover must have epic sex to find the Lost City of Atlantis!

Kione is a sexy Egyptian treasure hunter. Kez is her many-armed tentacle lover. Together they scour the globe for amazing artifacts. And Kione lets Kez plunder her most personal and sensitive treasures.

After getting a lead on the Lost City of Atlantis, Kione and Kez can’t wait to discover if the fabled city is real. But they never expected to have to pass through a series of increasingly kinky tests to find the city’s secrets. Tests that involve Kez tying Kione up in every conceivable way and exploring every inch and cavern of her sultry body.

Will the unconventional lovers survive the sexual shenanigans? Will Kione become an even bigger sex toy to Kez than before? And what secrets will they discover in the ancient city?

Find out in Book 3 of this sensual consentacle adventure!

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