Forever Chance

The Five Points Series, Book 2

By CJ Murphy

Will Chance and Jax finally make it to forever or will something derail their plans?

When you’re the Sheriff of a county that brings in a million tourists like Chance Fitzsimmons is, you stand as the thin blue line between order and anarchy twenty-four hours a day, three hundred sixty-five days a year. Trying to plan a Christmas wedding to begin a decade’s long-delayed life with her fiancée, Jax St. Claire, can throw things out of balance.

If that’s not enough, an influx of opioids causing multiple overdoses at a county festival followed by a mass casualty incident at a popular ski resort threaten to push the county emergency service resources to their breaking point. Chance’s dedication stresses her conviction to the five principles she lives by like a rescue rope loaded to its safety limit. Jax’s life isn’t exactly calm either at the Three River’s Animal Clinic, where a sinister visitor introduces unwelcomed sexual advances that cause waves of intimidation and harassment to her and her staff. The resolution that comes crashing down will close a critical link in the chain of a high-profile investigation, putting lives and a vow yet to be made, at risk. Both women are dedicated to finding that balance, and their “Forever Chance” is but a promise away if only they can survive to trudge the snow to say ‘I do.’

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