Foxy Lady

The Fur-ever Veterinary Romance Series, Book 2

By Cara Malone

Foxes make terrible pets but they’re fantastic wingmen.

Sydney Young has dedicated her life to animals. She’s a wildlife rehabilitator on call around the clock for rescue missions all over the state and every last one of her friends are veterinarians. Waiting at home for her is a rambunctious fox too tame to be released.

Syd’s life is full and happy… or so she thinks until a new and exotic creature moves in next door.

Adelaide Mercer is single-minded too – all her time and energy goes into her young son, Liam, making sure he’s happy in their new home. She’s fiercely protective and guarded, keeping to herself despite her curiosity about the elusive neighbor with the fox pen in her back yard.

Syd and Addie observe each other from a distance until one day Liam springs the fox from its pen. The wild fox chase that follows is only the beginning of a great adventure in life, love and rescued hearts.

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