Fragments of the Heart

By Ally McGuire

Love can be the greatest adventure of all.

Archeologist Kelly Pierce lives for adventure, weaving a tapestry of exploration, seeking out artifacts that whisper stories of the past. Always ready for the next expedition, she never thought Oklahoma would be on her map.

Shawn Scott thrives in predictability. As Director of Descriptive Statistics, numbers are her world, but people? They’re a puzzle. So, collaborating with a British archaeologist is an incongruous with her routine as a desert oasis in the Arctic.

But when a new site is temporarily exposed in Alaska, Kelly and Shawn unite, racing against time to claim the artifacts. Amidst the treacherous terrain and chilling uncertainties, they grapple not only with the elements but with the awakening of emotions neither anticipated.

As danger looms, will they unearth more than artifacts or will the forces that brought them together ultimately tear them apart?

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