G.I. Ho: Submitting to The Countess

The Real American Sex Toy Series, Book 2

By Riley Rose

Three super-sexy Hoes must stop The Countess's weather control device from making them all wet!

Crimson and Lady Kaye, two super-sexy members of elite special forces unit G.I. Ho, are on another mission! This time with new recruit Binx, a beautiful ninja who’s super-excited to take down evil organization Viper. And super-excited to take off her clothes!

The three sexy and kick-ass women must stop Viper from using their new weather control device to throw the world into chaos. However, they’ll have to go up against their old nemesis The Countess, who happened to turn Crimson and Kaye into her personal playthings the last time they tangled.

Will they be able to resist The Countess’s perfectly pleasurable body this time? Will their teammate Binx become The Countess’s favorite new toy? And why do they keep losing all their clothes on all these missions?

Find out in Book 2 of this fun, action parody erotica! G.I. Ho – She’s a Real American Sex Toy!

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