Girls Do It Better

By Jules Greenhill

2 femme fatales star as enemies to lovers in this gripping tale

Devon and Nadia have been playing the game of cat and mouse for 2 years now. Although most interactions are laced with tension, they refuse to give in. That is until Devon shows up on Nadia’s doorstep beaten and bruised, with nowhere else to go. As Nadia nurses Devon back to health, the boundaries start to blur, and nothing good ever comes from mixing business with pleasure. The girls settle easily into a surprisingly domestic relationship, but when Devon realizes that she is a danger to Nadia, she returns to her old ways in an attempt to sever their bond. The two have seemingly split for good until everything changes when Devon searches for revenge on the assailants who hurt her. When she accidentally finds out that Nadia is in grave danger, she races to rescue her, but with all odds against them, can she save her in time?

Find out in this gripping story, a tale as old as time. With love, deception, adventure, and a very possessive FMC who will stop at nothing to get her girl back.

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